What is #WeeklyScarlet?

I’ve been working on a resolution since the beginning of this year. Some of you may know of it and others may not. I wanted to share with you today the story behind my longest sustained resolution, #WeeklyScarlet.

As 2017 began, there were the usual talks that you hear at the beginning of every year. Talks about resolutions, talks about making life changes, and similar conversations that, as it happens every year, died off after a week. Growing frustrated with the lack of perseverance in keeping resolutions, I decided to pursue one that I wanted to stick to, at least for one year. So, I figured if I was going to start one, it had to be about something I cared about, something that matters, and something I enjoyed. It had to be a resolution where I would force myself to go above and beyond to make sure I don’t miss it, even if the risk was too high.

Thus, #WeeklyScarlet was born.

The resolution is a fairly easy one to understand. There is a bakery in the city I live called Scarlet’s Bakery. Before I explain what the resolution is, I’d like to tell you more about the bakery itself.

First, every product that I have had from the bakery has been of the highest quality. Believe me when I say that. I was born and raised under the shadow of a 5-star hotel and I’ve been around 5-star food my entire childhood. Scarlet’s products are of the highest quality and that is because of the love and care each baker and team member puts into each product. Whether it’s their Famous Cinnamon Roll or their rich Red-Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing or their amazing macaroons, each product is treated with an amazing amount of respect that we don’t see in a lot of restaurants these days.

The second thing you needs to know about Scarlet’s Bakery, I’ll let them tell you. Here is a part of their story from scarletsbakery.org:

“We’ve spent thousands of hours developing our story- a story of restoration. We’re moving into a building over 100 years old- a huge renovation! Many of our recipes are passed down from our families and we’ve restored old ones into new and exciting treats. Most importantly, our employees get a second chance at a new, exciting career path. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do!”

To provide you with context for that paragraph, go to scarlethope.org. Simply put, Scarlet Hope is an organization that exists to serve the women coming out of the adult industry by sharing the hope and love of Christ with them. Not only does the bakery provide excellent products, but the cause behind the organization is even greater.

So, what is my resolution? It’s pretty straightforward, actually.

Go to Scarlet’s Bakery once a week, take a photo of what I’m having and share it online. When #WeeklyScarlet was created, my original goal was simply to share my love for the bakery and make people envious of what they were missing. And hopefully get themselves to the bakery, because I believe that more people need to experience Scarlet’s Bakery.

It’s interesting and amazing to see how it’s grown. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a small scale project I’m doing for myself, but with each passing week, I’m having more and more people wanting to join me (which inspires me to seek others to join me as well). But let me share the coolest thing to have happened in this journey.

It has been 13 weeks since I’ve started this resolution (if you are doing the math, you’ll probably realize I did not begin on the first week of January. Trust me, I know). For much of those weeks, I’ve been doing it by myself. And that was cool. Sitting in a quaint little bakery, knowing the amazing story of restoration behind it… it’s an amazing feeling. Then, this week, I was joined by a friend. The rest of this paragraph might sound a little confusing but stick with me. One of the things you should know about me is that I love to hear stories. I love stories. And I’m a firm believer that every single soul walking this planet has a story unique to them. Which means, there are approximately 7.4 billion stories around us. I want to know all of them. I realize the impossibility of that desire, but I’m not one to simply allow the impossibility of something refrain me from attempting it. Anyway, going back to being joined by a friend this week… we were having a good conversation and we were learning more about each other’s stories and when we were done, and I found myself reflecting back on the conversation. There was this moment of… I don’t know what word I’m looking for… but think of the feeling you get when you drink a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, snowy, winters night. There was a moment of feeling that feeling. Why? Because we were sitting in a bakery with an amazing story, sharing our individually unique stories with each other, creating a moment which has become its own unique story.

I’m excited about this for a few reasons. One, this was the beginning of many stories yet to be created. Two, I get to enjoy consuming the stories of others. And three, my resolution, #WeeklyScarlet has evolved to become a platform where with every story shared, the story of Scarlet’s Bakery will be a part of it.

Maybe I’m just being sappy. But hey, it’s a good story.



The whole concept of “perspective” is really amazing, if you really think about it. Perspective or any of its synonyms you like to use, “point of view,” “outlook,” or whatever – is one of the things that makes us human. It is one of those things that separate us from other species. Think about it.

Really, think about it.

How you look at something now can be completely different than when you look at it 7 years down the road. How you look at something now might be different than how you looked at it 7 years ago. It really isn’t that difficult to appreciate having that ability. That’s what perspective is – it’s an ability that some people have that others lack. Or if you want to look at it another way, everyone has the capacity to look at the world in different points of view. Some people just choose not to (aka ignoramuses) or are so backward that they are unable to. Then there are some who might not do so because a perspective shift implies change and change is a terrifying thing. On the flip side there are those who see every single point of view and end up becoming more flaky than… flaky things. These folks see things in so many different points of view that they don’t have the strength of mind to believe in something and stand by it. Weaklings.

Anyway, point is – perspective is an amazing thing. Here’s an example: A lion sees a gazelle and it thinks, “FOOD!” The lion then chases the gazelle, pounces on the gazelle, kills the gazelle, and eats the gazelle. That is how a lion views a gazelle. Fast forward 20 years and unless humans have done something to screw up the natural order of things, when a lions sees a gazelle, it’ll still think, “FOOD!” The lion then chases the gazelle, pounces on the gazelle, kills the gazelle, and eats the gazelle. Perspective doesn’t change for animals. It isn’t the same for humans. This is fascinating, right – check it out: When we used to see gazelles we’d think, “Aww, a gazelle. I wonder when your gonna be lion dinner?” But now, in 2016 P.Z. (Post-Zootopia) we look at gazelles and think, “SHAKIRA!”


Here’s another example that might be more relevant (since I assume most of us don’t live among lions and shakiras). Pregnancy. Let’s look at your friend Mary. You guys are in high school. One day she tells you that she’s pregnant, because her boyfriend Mark knocked her up. You support her on the outside, but in your mind you think, “Mary, you’re screwed. Mark’s probably going to leave you and you’re going to wind up alone and miserable.” That’s how we perceive pregnancy in high school. Now in a few years, you are a 20-something year old, all your friends are getting married and you’re still trying to figure out what you want for dinner – frozen pizza or a bullet. You get a phone call and your friend Joan and her husband James are pregnant. You congratulate them, but in your mind you think, “*insert your name,* you’re screwed. Joan and James are probably going to live a happy life along with everyone else I know and I’m going to wind up alone and miserable.”


– αß